Department of memorization of the holy quran - Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah
Department of memorization of the holy quran - Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah

Tahfeez Camps

Mahad al Zahra is currently running its' Mukhayyam (Tehfeez Camps) at the following Mazaraat Muqaddasah.

For Boys:

  • Taherabaad
  • Banswara

For Girls:

  • Burhanpur
  • Denmal
  • Dongam

Mumineen of all ages, especially school going children above the age of 10 years, can avail the barakat of Hifz al-Quran in these camps throughout the year. Each student's daily schedule revolves around Hifz al-Quran al-Kareem. During their time at Mukhayyam, students development important skills related to hifz and understand the appropriate methods for memorization, ultimately making the most of their time and allowing them to accomplish a great deal with minimal effort.

Based upon the system of memorization practiced in Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah, the following hifz-related activities are conducted in the camps:

  • Muraja’at:

    Revision of one or more juz (sipara) in order to maintain the quality of what they have previously memorized. Each students' hifz is evaluated on a daily basis.

  • Juz al-Haali

    Revision of the most recently memorized pages to maintain their perfection and fluency. The Juz al-Haali can also refer to the pages of al-Quran which have been memorized in the past week or the previous seven to ten pages memorized.

  • Maqra’at

    The maqra'at is a unique method of Quran recitation practiced at Quranic institutes in al-Moizziyah al-Qaherah and other renowned institutions for memorizing the Quran Majeed. In maqra'at, a group of students sit in a semi–circle with their muhaffiz. Every student recites a page or two aloud while the other students listen to his/her recitation carefully. The motive of this method is to boost every student’s confidence so they overcome their fear of reciting in front of audiences, as well as to maintain thorough revision.

  • Tamreen

    Tamreen can be best described as the process of practicing tilawat by repeating a specific recitation aloud in a group. The aim of this practice is to improve the quality of tilawat and to grasp the exact pronunciation of the Arabic alphabets. Ideally, the muhaffiz recites one aayat then the students try to resemble his recitation after him.

  • Jadeed Hifz

    Once previous memorization is evaluated and a student is able to recite their murajaat fluently in accordance with recitation criteria, he or she is permitted to recite newly memorized pages. To be included in the students’ memorization record, newly memorized pages are required to be recited without any mistakes in ahkaam al-tajweed, makharij al-huroof or hifz.

  • Ikhtebaar

    Upon the completion of every juz (sipara), each student is assessed on their overall hifz by their muhaffiz or mas’ul. This is done to ensure the student has a thorough grasp of the previously memorized ajzaa (siparas).

    Online evaluations are also conducted through e-learning Quran after the student completes each sanah.

    The division of these sanawaat (sanah) are done accordingly:

    Sanah Ula Juz 1-5
    Sanah Saniyah Juz 6-12
    Sanah Salesah Juz 13-21
  • Uloom al Quran:

    To aid in hifz al-Quran, Uloom al-Quran are taught from the booklet of Khazaa’in Ma’ani al-Quran al-Fa’iqah, which provides the meanings and explanations of various Quranic words and verses in a creative, subject-oriented and color coded manner. In this booklet the study of ahkam al-tajweed, as well as the correct articulation of Arabic alphabets are extensively explained throughout as well. Understanding the Arabic language and perfecting its pronunciation simplifies the memorization of al-Quran al-Majeed.

  • Schooling:

    Mahad al-Zahra encourages students to continue their regular schooling during their stay at the camp. Students of standard 5th, 6th, and 7th can now enroll in the following schools:

    • Saifiyah Senior Secondary School - Taherabaad Camp
    • MSB Educational Institute – Banswara Camp
    • Qaderiyah Burhani School – Burhanpur Camp
  • Home Science:

    Al-Dai al-Ajal Syedna Mufaddal SaifuddinTUS states:

    "بئيراؤ home science سيكهسس، جه ني ككهني وسيع معنى ؛، اْ علم سي family نسس satisfaction ملسس، بظظتر زندككي كيم ككذاروي جوئيسس ــــــ يه اْ علم سي جانوا ملسس ؛، اْ ككهر نو science سيكهواما مولى ني خوشي ؛."

    In light of the above mentioned bayaan mubarak, various home science classes are conducted for girls, such as:

    • Cooking/Roti Making
    • Crochet
    • Painting
    • Quelling
    • Stitching
    • Lamasa
    • Origami
    • Chocolate making
  • Sports:

    Stable physical fitness is an essential component to memorize al-Quran efficiently. Students are encouraged to participate in sports such as cricket, football, badminton, table tennis, and many other games and activities on a daily basis. During Ayyaam al-Ta'abudaat, an annual sports event is organized for all the students on a grand level.

  • Recreational Activities:

    Every other weekend a field trip is organized for the students. Sometimes outings and activities such as treasure hunts, trips to water-parks, and picnics are also organized.


    Students can register for the full year Quran camp at Instructions regarding fees, camp venue, etc are sent through email.

    All Students enrolled in the full year Quran camp are considered 'on probation' for the first 2 months. Only after they achieve the expected level of memorization, are they permitted to continue for the remaining duration (10 months).


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