Department of memorization of the holy quran - Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah
Department of memorization of the holy quran - Aljamea-tus-Saifiyah

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1.How to Register?

2.Enrollment confirmation

3.Online Ikhtebaar Policy

4.Online Ikhtebaar Crieria

5.Post a Ticket

6.Tehriri Module Sample (Juz Amma)

7.Tehriri Module Sample (Sanah Ula)

8.Tehriri Nisaab Syllabus

9.Tehriri Module Sample (Mukammal Quran)

10.Hifz al-Quran - Written Papers


How to Register: 

1) Mumineen can get registered for Mahad al-Zahra's elearningquran classes from the following link:

Click Here to Register

2) As per reception of the registration details, Mahad al-Zahra will send to the student an EQ ID (elearningquran Id.) and Password for account.


Enrollment confirmation:

Considering Mumineen's overwhelming interest to join the classes, there is a long wait list for the classes. It may take a few months before their enrolment gets confirmed.

Enrollment confirmation will be sent to them through email.

Upon confirmation they will receive a 'GET ALLOCATED' link in their elearningquran account on , through which they can select their preferable class timings, based upon our availability.

Get Allocated.JPG

Class Mode & Duration:

Online classes are conducted on voice chat through Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger or and Skype (which ever the student prefers).

Class Duration for students differ based upon their hifz, details of which are as follows:


Session Duration (in Mins.)


30 & 1 - 5


New Hifz & Murajaah

6 - 10

15 + 15

New Hifz, Murajaah & Juz Haali

11 - 20

15 + 15 + 30

New Hifz, Murajaah, Juz Haali & One Juz  Tasmee

21 - 29

15 + 15 + 30 + 30

New Hifz, Murajaah, Juz Haali & Two Juz Tasmee.


Online Ikhtebaar Process:


1) Students can register for online ikhtebaar from the following link:

Click Here to Register for Ikhtebaar

2) As per reception of the registration details, Mahad al-Zahra will send to the student an EQ ID (elearningquran Id) and password for account.


(Forwarding the name for Ikhtebar)

1) Taqdeem of the student has to be done from POST A TICKET section of elearningquran account. Select Ikhtebaar request option from the categories while sending your request through a person authorized by Mahad al-Zahra. Juz Amma sanad holder or higher level sanad holder has been given this authority.

2) Any Juz Amma sanad holder or higher level sanad holder is requested to do the taqdeem of the student for ikhtebaar once he/she is ready as per the Juz Amma ikhtebaar criteria. Please refer to the ikhtebaar criteria document.

3) Khidmat guzaar doing the taqdeem is required to mention student’s ITS ID or EQID whilst sending his ikhtebaar request.


4) A mail asking the student to select his ikhtebaar time will be sent.

5) The student has to login to his elearningquran account and select his ikhtebaar time.

6) The student has to follow the instructions provided in the email upon selecting his ikhtebaar time slot.

7) Ikhtebaar will be conducted through webcam. Kindly inform the student to arrange for a webcam prior to taqdeem.

8) Khidmat for the ikhtebaar is INR 300 which can be deposited by any of the following modes:
     a) Online payment from the given elearningquran account. (Credit cards only)
     b) Personally or anyone else on behalf of the student can deposit it in cash to Mahad al-Zahra's accountant.
     c) By sending a demand draft/cheque in the favour of "DAWAT PROPERTIES TRUST A/C MAHAD AL ZAHRA" payable at Surat to the following postal address (for India only):

The Accountant
Mahad al Zahra (Quran)
c/o Al Jamea Tus Saifiyah
Arabic academy, Deori Mubarak,
Zampa Bazar, Surat 395003

Please write your full name and EQ ID on the back of your cheque/demand draft.


1) The student will be able to view his result in his elearningquran account immediately after his ikhtebar and will also receive an email.

2) If the student does not score the minimum marks required, he will be allowed a second attempt only after a minimum of 10 days or as suggested by the mukhtabir (examiner).

Online Ikhtebaar Crieria:

  • The nizam for Sanah ula, Sanah saniyah and Sanah salesa ikhtibaar will be the same as for Juz Amma.
  • Only a Hifz al-Quran sanad holder after assessement of the student (according to ikhteebar criteria) can do his taqdeem for ikhtebaar.
  • Please refer to each sanah Ikhtebaar criteria document attached.


Note: Online ikhtebaar for individual Juz is also available. The taqdeem and registration nizaam will be the same as given above. Sanads will not be awarded for individual Juz.




Juz Amma

30th Juz

Sanah Ula

30th Juz & 1 to 5th Juz

Sanah Sania

30th Juz & 1 to 12th Juz

Sanah Salesa

30th Juz & 1 to 21st Juz

For any other online class related queries, Visit POST A TICKET section of your elearningquran account.

Post a Ticket







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